Metaphysically Speaking..Reflecting..My Stones Are My Sanity!

My stones are my sanity. They allow me a sense of peace and calm. They lend a type of comfort like yoga. The isolation that is my current reality along with social distancing finds me at a state of exasperation… and I’m isolation so alone. People who I thought cared for me are missing in my beloved friend entire life. I am here in the world just the way my dear friend was who just passed lately. Lol. He adored comprehension eliciting a laugh from the others and has been a self-proclaimed comedian! Yet, I just can’t help thinking that you come into the world alone and you go out the Curiously same way!If he were alive I would call him right now. Curiously, we never really had a comprehension of our heads. Instead, we shared an arrangement of soul. We had an enduring soul arrangement for over 20 decades. So life continues on and can stay in a joyful place or head towards a second.Realizing we’re human-beings first, let’s go forward with humankind empathy and understanding of people who may be ruthless and only out to win their selfish prize. And let’s know that these people are often existing with no real idea of humankind, love or the soul of sharing or cooperation.Many are living enshrined with lots of smoke screens that block clear vision; and reliving their lifestyles through ghettos of haunting memories in which hereditary emotional injury wreak havoc on minds from unpleasant social injustices and imbalances, and the simple act of living.Such is the world as though it has been tilted on its axis… or as if it has completed a pole change because the Aztec Mayan Calendar predicted for the 21st Century. For the world was shifted, and changed radically, both alchemically and tumultuously.Let us not forget nor ignore the Universe… that the cosmos that dynamically play a major part in the power on the planets… and on earth. As we know our powerful Sun, Ra is the giver and sustainer and the life-force of the planet. Shall we revel in it daily for healing!I recently read that we are on the leading edge of thought. What exactly does that mean to u? Can it possibly mean that we are trend setters who are producing the days for future generations and creating future worlds? And so it is. It is in concert that we must combine as all in arrangement to going forward with determined momentum, while encouraging and uplifting all in a continuing manner with love and light.My rocks are my sanity through those horrendous times. They vibrate and calm my soul. They unwind my inner being. They propel me forward as I traverse the realms of space and time. That is when I am connected to all compounds and elements of the Universe. The atoms, the molecules, the protons, neutrons, the collapsars (dying celebrities ) and black holes… the … the universe… that the cosmos.Interestingly and particularly if you’re up on the Sumerian Texts and Annunaki narrative… Collapsars may forge a lot of the universe’s gold. That is according to Google Science News. For more information on this Annunaki story view: These are the places in which my thoughts frequently dwells as I’m a simultaneous multi-level presence. So calming. So persistent. Yet, my rocks are my heart and my sanity! If you feel that you also reside on a multi-dimensional airplane I’d really like to hear your remarks.

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